Combining my love of memes and passion for lettering

I, Evie Eddins, have been creating and designing for over ten years, and selling for over eight. From spongebob memes to LGBT visibility, every day I create art that entertains and inspires using acrylic, watercolor, resin, and digital art.

What started as a hobby over ten years ago has slowly built into a full time business. During the COVID19, when I lost my "real" job managing at a restaurant, I switched to pursuing my passion full time.

Whether you want to add a piece to your home or bring attention to your business, I have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed!

I am Indianapolis, Indiana based. I do accept custom orders from time to time, varying on the situation. I am currently working two jobs while in school, so I want to make sure if I accept a custom order it can be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time!

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